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Mascara is a makeup item and applied to define, thicken and darken eyelashes, mostly through females. It comes in different forms like cream, cake and liquid. It is available in different shades, tings and formulas. The common aim of applying mascara is to define, thicken, emphasize and lengthen the eyelashes. It comes with wand and tube applicators. Components of mascara may contain wax thickeners, preservatives, water and film-formers. The brushes of mascara may be curved or straight for curling eyelashes with thick or fine bristles. A few mascara wands include nylon or rayon fibers for giving length to eyelashes.

The latest mascaras are classified in different groups such as non-water resistant mascaras and water resistant mascaras. Non water-resistant mascaras are depended on soft surfactants such as triethanolamine stearate, vegetal based waxes like candelilla wax, rice bran wax, pigments like ultramine or iron oxide, water, animal taken waxes as beeswax, mineral origin waxes such as paraffin and ozokerite, thickening polymers as Arabic gum and on chemical additions. This form of mascara runs in the effect of tears, but is simply taken away by using water and soap.

Water resistant mascaras encompass a composition depend on animal-taken waxes as beeswax, mineral origin wax like paraffin and ozokerite, a volatile solvent as isododecane, vegetal based waxes, candelila wax, carnauba wax or rice bran wax, filmifying polymers and pigments like ultramine or iron oxide. This form of mascara does not include water-sensitive moieties, giving the best resistance to tears, rain or sweat. As an outcome, this type of mascara can be taken away with a particular make-up remover, capable to reduce the dried mascara layer.

Polymers in latexes can get some layer of water resistance to the collection of usually non-water resistant mascaras. Latex-based paints and mascaras include polymer dispersions for intermediary water sensitivity.


Mascara can be applied on complete eyelashes from internal to external corners. The mascara stick is wet into a fresh tube of mascara, used nearby the bottom of the eyelashes and effort to the tips. Mascara sticks should not be shared and are manufactured with plastic. It may be used to the top layer of eyelashes for a ‘deep-lidded’ appearance or to the base lashes to broaden the eyes. This is generally used to curl eyelashes and can be preceded through an eyelash primer. The moisture in several primers and mascaras can make eyelashes to uncurl in the usage that is simply solved through applying waterproof mascara by a drier method.

that includes nylon fibers may offer lashes a complete and longer look as it clings to the eyelashes as mini extensions. Mascara must be discarded within six months after opening.

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Best Mascara

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Mascara is an eye cosmetic and used to provide a dark, lengthy, full and thick appearance to the eyelashes. Mascara is available in the market in three forms as liquid, cream and cake cream. Mascara is liked by all women ant it plays an important role in the make up of women. For summer seasons, special mascara are used, for monsoon season, another types of mascara are available. There are many colors and shades of mascara are easily seen in the cosmetics shop. Best mascara is one that provides defined eyebrows. Mascara is made up of water, wax, film formers, thickeners and preservatives. The brush used to apply mascara may be straight or curved. Brushes that are used to apply mascara to curl the eyelashes are made up of nylon or rayon fibers. Two types of mascara are available as water proof mascara or water resistant mascara and non water resistant mascara.

Water resistant mascaras consist of volatile solvent, animal derived waxes, mineral origin wax, vegetal based waxes and filmfying polymers. Non water resistant mascaras are made up of water, vegetal based waxes, soft surfactants, animal derived waxes, pigments, mineral origin waxes, preservatives and thickening polymers. Best Mascara has divided into many categories as best volumnizing mascara, best waterproof mascara, best multi talented mascara, best new mascara and so on. Best overall mascara known as Lancome Definicils easily offers lengthen lashes. This mascara works well with all persons and shows best and long lasting results. Best volumnizing mascara popular as Prescriptives ‘Lash Envy’ Mascara, is used by many of the beauty experts and provides full plumped thick eyelashes. Bobbi Brown Mascara is the best mascara that is used by many of the celebrities. Maybelline    Great lash is the best waterproof Mascara and last for a long time.  Best multi talented mascara name as Revlon Luxurious Lengths Mascara, has a gel based color that easily separates the lashes and offers amazing lashes. The eyes look quite big with the help of Best volumnizer mascara. Makeup artist’s favorite mascara famous as Maybelline XXL Volume + Length, this mascara found in the make up box of every artist. A big punch can be easily packed in this mascara. This mascara helps in providing smoky eyes with thick and lengthy eyelashes. To get a classis look, best budget mascara popular as C’Oreal Volumines works well. This mascara combined with panthenol and cermide-R and it helps in showing thick eyelashes. Lancome Hypnose is other great mascara which gives a smooth and silky look to the eyes.

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